Kevin Richardson has a soft spot for big cats. That’s why he jumped at the chance to rescue two baby lion cubs named Meg and Amy!

Without hesitation, Kevin swooped in and brought the two female cubs to safety. Kevin knew that his intervention saved their lives and so, nearly a decade later, he went back to check on the lions he once rescued when they were cubs.

After being rescued, Meg and Amy had to learn how to hunt and survive without the help of humans. They had been helpless before being taken to the rescue center and it was going to be a long, hard road to normal adulthood.

So when Kevin traveled to the area where they lionesses now roam, he was extremely nervous. It had been seven long years since Kevin had seen the mighty beasts and he wasn’t entirely sure how they would react.

Instead of avoiding the lionesses out of fear, Kevin’s team tracked one of them down and placed a GoPro camera around her belly. This was a reunion they wanted to capture firsthand.

The pair wandered through the African wild and even waded into the nearby river. Kevin jumped in fearlessly, but then the lioness disappeared.

Was she setting up a sneak attack on her human friend? Or was she suddenly camera-shy?

But then Kevin spotted her crouching in the brush in what looked like a hunting position! Thankfully, they both had their cameras running and the footage they captured was absolutely astounding!

It’s clear this lioness didn’t forget Kevin! Their reunion is astonishing!

It’s a great thing the GoPro captured footage that we all can enjoy. These lionesses may be wild animals, but they have never forgotten their human hero.

Their interaction is incredible and will leave you breathless! These majestic creatures are amazing!

Take a peek at their heart-stopping reunion for yourself in the video below.

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