Many of us count on the old adage – what goes around, comes around – when we encounter people who are perhaps a little less honest in their dealings. Thankfully, the universe is just as considerate to those who go out of their way to helps others.

In this story, we meet one such man who took the time to help a stranger and lived to experience the payback ten fold!

Chris Wright was driving back with his family after church when a woman walking alongside the road in the pouring rain caught his eye. Chris continued on however and eventually got home, but Chris couldn’t quite shake off what he had seen.

So, after unloading the rest of the family, he turned to his wife  Carmen  and said:

“I have to go back. I have to help her.”

According to Carmen, Chris had never before picked up a stranger like that, but she wasn’t totally surprised by the  decision :

“You know when you have an urge and a desire something to do good? He was raised that way. He’s kind and generous to everyone. He’d never picked up anybody before, but he felt compelled.”

When Chris eventually turned around he wasn’t sure if he would still see the woman, but he at least had to try. Sure enough, there she was, still walking in the rain. Her name was  TunDe Hector , and her car had run out of gas, and she had no money. Chris offered her a ride, filled up her gas can, and gave her all the cash he had in his wallet before bidding her farewell.

Chris knew he would never see TunDe again, but was hopeful that his little act would help turn her luck around somehow.

Fast forward three years when Chris had all but forgotten about that rainy day, and instead was focused on the sad reality of his mother Judy being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Chris had to bring in extra help to take care of Judy at home, whose health was steadily declining.

Chris and Carmen noticed however, that out of all the hired help – one particular nurse’s aide had gone above and beyond in showing care and compassion towards Judy and her husband Phil. According to  Carmen :

“She cared for her in the most respectful way. She had the utmost respect for human life.”

Then one day while talking to Judy, the aide mentioned how her life had turned around after a stranger helped her back in 2014, and how she was on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a nurse! This is precisely the moment when Chris’s jaw dropped to the floor. He was all too excited to finally realize that the aide was TunDe and that he was the one who had helped her!

The reunion was emotional of course, and TunDe and Chris couldn’t believe their luck! According to  Carmen :

“The encounter that had blessed them both three years ago, came full-circle. We don’t believe in coincidence. We’re a family of faith.”

This is not where the story ends however. Chris soon overheard TunDe having a conversation with her nursing school about some tuition that was still outstanding. Could he help her again somehow, he thought?

Help did come, even if it was with some sadness. Days later when TunDe was out celebrating her birthday, she got the news that Judy had passed. She of course, left the party to be with Chris and the family. Even in this hard time, Chris thought about TunDe and in lieu of flowers, asked family and friends to donate to the  YouCaring  Page they had set up to help raise money to pay the outstanding tuition.

TunDe of course didn’t know anything about this, until the news was revealed to her days later when Chris handed her a check of over $20,000, which had been raised on the site.

Since setting up the account, they raised a total of over $34,000 and needless to say, TunDe can finally just focus on studying and becoming a nurse, instead of worrying about how to pay for her dream.

For Chris, we have no doubt that this act of kindness too will come back full circle!

Here is TunDe’s emotional reaction to the best surprise of her life!

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