Driving around the USA is an amazing experience. There are so many sights to see and things to do. Why go it alone? Jordan Kahana isn’t. Not after he rescued two abandoned puppies from the desert. Since December of 2016, they’ve traveled over 30,000 miles through 35 states.

Kahana left Los Angeles for Colorado. On the way, he came across two puppies on r remote road.  After taking them to a local animal hospital, he learned they were significantly dehydrated. The person who abandoned the 8-week-old boy and girl pups left them at a common location in the desert where people ditch their unwanted pets.

When the time came for Kahana to return to the road, he decided he couldn’t leave the puppies behind. After they received their shots, he adopted them; and the three headed out for a trip of a lifetime.

He named them Sedona and Zeus. And after hitting the road, the trio have explored both the east and west coastlines and much of the country in between.

Kahana explained why he couldn’t leave his canine buddies behind: “I just knew I had to bring them with me. If I couldn’t keep them when I got back to LA where I lived at the time, I was going to find a good home for them,” Kahana said. “Everyone wanted to hear the story and fell in love with the dogs, how could they not. They were at their cutest stage.”

He’s never alone on his travels. The three sleep in his van: “I’m used to traveling by myself, but it has been great to have some companionship. We’ve basically traveled cross-country in month-long stints,” Kahana said. “I just put the back seat down in the jeep, and I’ve got them a mattress so they’re comfortable.”

The Instagram photos of their adventures are quite popular. Life isn’t all sunny and rosy for them. Kahana admits being a dog dad isn’t easy: “They’re a lot better now but I can tell you, that first trip, my car smelled like pee the whole time.”