Winters can be brutal on the homeless and we often forget about the stray animals who are left outside alone. When this kitty turned up on a man’s doorstep, frozen to near-death, he knew it was a race against time to save the freezing feline.

When a stray cat named Elsa was found outside in below freezing weather, she was frozen stiff. Discovered underneath a gate, she had obviously been trying to find shelter anywhere she could. But bone biting temperatures had left her helpless. The man who found her assumed the worst had happened and began to walk away. But just as he was about to turn, he noticed a slight move of her paw.

Realising there wasn’t much time, the man prized her from the icy ground and rushed her inside in an attempt to warm her up. Running hot water into the bath, he placed Elsa in the warm water, praying it would help to defrost the poorly cat.

Within seconds she was able to move her eyes and head, but it was taking a long time for her body to heat up. Realising that a hot bath wasn’t enough, he took her out and wrapped her up in hot towels and kept her cuddled up for an hour.

She eventually started to regain movement in her body and he fed her with warm milk to get her strength up. Remarkably, within six hours her strength was visibly coming back and she began to walk around again. I bet she couldn’t believe her luck; she truly had needed a miracle.

The man couldn’t bear the thought of Elsa being left outside in the cold again so he made sure that she would always have a warm place to live. Fittingly naming her Elsa, after the snow queen in Disney’s ‘Frozen’, he decided to keep the stray kitty for good.

Elsa now lives happily with her rescuer and is learning fast how to be a house kitty.

Luckily for Elsa, a potentially disastrous turn of events has turned into a miraculous survival and a new, loving home. When she chose that gate to hide under, she clearly had a guardian angel guiding her to the perfect safety.

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