It seems whenever we mention heroes we think of superheroes from movies and comic books. But there are real heroes out there, and for one young girl, it was Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Ella-Lorraine Brown is an adorable eight-year-old, who recently dressed up as a college-aged Michelle Obama, for an event at her school.

For “Cultural Hero’s Day” at Ella-Lorraine’s Los Angeles, California school, she was inspired by a photo of the former First Lady when she was a college student.

She dressed like Michelle Obama did when she was a student at Princeton, University in New Jersey.

She wore a jean jacket, had her hair done in braids, and had an entire presentation on the former First Lady’s academic accomplishments.

Ella’s mother, Karlyn Johnson Brown, shared a picture of her daughter on social media, and the image went viral, even getting former First Lady Michelle Obama’s attention.

Karlyn shared in an interview with Makers that she felt the choice to portray the former First Lady during her college years was significant. She went on to say,

‘She was really in awe of the idea that with hard work you could become anything,’ said Karlyn, who is also a Princeton alum.

‘I loved it because by choosing to portray her hero as a college student, the focus was on Michelle’s accomplishments as an individual, not just as an attachment,’ she added.

Ella-Lorraine is no stranger to dressing up as famous people. She has in the past dressed up as to be, African-American pilot Bessie Coleman, Ruby Bridges, the first African-American to desegregate a school.

It is Ella-Lorraine’s parents hope that she learns to use her voice to share the histories of the woman she was named after and to also never back away from her history.