Street dancing is widely practiced all over the globe because the streets are one of the best known places where people can show their skills, traditions and cultures to people passing by. Grooving on the streets is a great way to celebrate and have fun, bringing people together to enjoy music and dancing while spreading happiness in their hearts.

In Ireland, street dancing is something that is part of the people’s daily lives. In this country, people wear their dancing shoes and tap and twirl away, making the streets even more lively and colorful because of their beautiful and energetic performances. In a busy street in Galway, west of Ireland, a lady dancing to an Irish song made every passer-by’s day better. What the people did not know was that there was an even more fun surprise waiting for them!

The street dance began when the dancing lady made her way in the middle of the crowd to perform her number. Wearing a dark green velvet ensemble complete with her black dancing shoes and stockings, the lady went about on her Irish dance routine and wowed the audience with her great moves and techniques. 

That day, standing in the audience and watching the lady dance, was a little girl who was totally feeling the beat! She may be a small person, but her enthusiasm in dancing sure was big. A few moments into the song the dancing lady noticed the cute little girl’s moves and excitement. With this fun discovery, the dancing lady went on and danced with her!

Seeing that the lady took notice of her, the young “dancer” looked enthralled! She gave an even groovier performance and totally poured her heart into the dance. She was adorable as she danced to the beat. Everyone in the crowd loved her!

The dancing lady was absolutely thrilled to see the little girl having so much fun. The little girl matched her steps in her cute little way and the crowd could not get enough of this little performer. She was such a charming little girl, indeed!

The joy on this little girl’s face as she danced was refreshing. Her energy and love for dancing is so endearing and everyone watching her undoubtedly saw that she was doing something she was passionate about. They couldn’t help but smile with her as they watched on. She was having fun all throughout the performance and her smile was such an inspiring sight to behold. The lady was also very nice to have acknowledged the little dancer in the crowd. 

In the end, their impromptu dance number made the performance all the more fun and memorable.


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