This homeless man was found sleeping outside the front door of the DeKalb County Animal Services shelter in Georgia last week. An employee found the man sleeping there and woke him up to find out why he was there and if he was okay. Turns out the man had lost his best friend, a dog, and was looking for her.

Karen Hirsch, the shelter’s spokesperson said the man had spent every penny he had to pay for the bus ticket to get to the shelter and had nothing left to pay for his dog. Sadly, his dog hadn’t been taken to the shelter he fell asleep in front of! His dog was taken to the new facility that was all the way across town! One of the kennel technicians chipped in and got the man a ticker on the train to go there.

By the time the man had arrived, the staff at the new shelter had already fallen in love with the man’s dog, Tata. Hirsch said that Tata was a healthy and happy dog. When her owner showed up, it was clear that the two shared an incredible bond! The joy that emanated from both of them could be felt in the room!

Take a look at this video!

Source: relayhero

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