It is known that when chickens get bored, their behavior tends to be unwelcoming. Most of the time, the animal would start getting into unnecessary fights, with pecking and feather pulling. No owner would desire that scenario.

Here is a fun, cheap way to facilitate chickens with entertainment while repurposing old tires. 

Much like keeping ordinary pets, it will always be better to prepare them with toys to relax and reduce anxiety. Chicken owners are sharing the right way to do so with old bicycle tires.

Traditionally, hanging a piece of cabbage for them to dissect like a pinata could be an excellent method to prevent such behaviors.

Watch video from @Haeran Miller/Youtube shared on Jun 9, 2017.

Merry-go-rounds for chickens from old bicycle wheels

Now, online chicken owners share another cheap and straightforward solution: bicycle wheels as a swing toy. 

How to set up the toy? 

The only trouble is how to find available tires. Then you are good to go. 

Place the tires horizontally on something to make it rotatable, and the chickens will know to jump on it and spin around. To them, it will be no different than a merry-go-round for humans.

Several chicken owners shared that they place the wheels in different edges of their garden or barn, incredibly effective in keeping them busy from thinking of fighting each other. Some were as creative as repainting the tires, giving them another decorative function. 

Social media users loved the fun tip. Plus, it would be fun to watch adorable chickens enjoying their time with a miniature merry-go-round.

Watch video from  @Kris Skrinak/Youtube on Mar 4, 2017.