It turns out that the world we live in is always more mysterious and complex than we can imagine.

Most people believe that Google Maps contains a list of every street, city, and nation globally. You can locate any location on Earth with just a few clicks.

But there are some mysterious places that do not appear as they should because Google may not want you to see.

Five of the most mysteriously blurred-out places were revealed by Youtube user Dark5.

Junction Ranch (California, USA)

Junction Ranch is a huge airport and military testing site located in the Mojave Desert of California.
As part of the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, it’s believed people are working on “black” drone projects in the area.

While that’s quite suspicious, it’s even weirder to find that only parts of the base are obscured from Google Maps. If you zoom in on the base (white square box), there are parts of buildings intentionally scratched out.

Sandy Island (Coral Sea, between Australia and New Caledonia)

Legend has it that Captain Cook discovered Sandy Island during his explorations of and around Australia in the late 1700s. Sandy Island is said to be located in the Coral Sea, halfway between Australia and French-ruled New Caledonia.

But in 2012, a group of Australians arrived at the “island” to find nothing but open sea, with water almost a mile deep at its shallowest point.

It is said that Sandy Island actually never existed, but we still can see in Google Maps a dark area in the shape of an island, with some parts mysteriously blurred out.

Did something happen to the island while it was hidden?

The question remains, what exactly did Captain Cook discover and did this phantom island really disappear?

Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Siberia

In the wilderness of Russia’s Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, there is an area that has mysteriously been masked on Google Maps.

Satellite imagery of topography around Egvekinot looks to have been copied and pasted over the region.

This cut-and-paste operation is more visible on Bing maps, as mountains mysteriously transform into flat woodland.

According to the YouTube video, Russian maps cover this area with a black box.

A Russian HAARP installation, an ICBM testing facility, or even a vast gold deposit have all been rumored to be in the area.

Thule Air Base (Greenland)

During the Cold War in 1968, the U.S. Air Force reportedly ran a highly classified operation – referred to as the Chrome Dome—a U.S. plane carrying a nuclear payload crashed while taking off from Thule Air Base in Greenland.

During the crash, the nuclear weapon was said to have released a significant amount of radiation into the surrounding environment. The area of the crash is still blurred out on Google Maps.

Kangtega (Solukhumbu, Nepal)

Kangtega, also known as The Snow Saddle, is a major mountain peak of the Himalayas in Nepal. Its summit rises to 6,782 meters. It was first climbed in 1963.

This is one of the most mysterious places to look at from the internet, because it’s completely blacked out on Google Maps.

It’s believed the area is pixelated to stop the public from spotting a secret entrance and investigating the area, which is known for the vast number of supposed UFO sightings.