When Hope For Paws animal rescue received an urgent call about an abandoned dog who had been roaming the streets struggling to survive, they jumped into action. By the time they tracked down the beautiful black-colored Newfoundland, he was too exhausted to move anymore.

This gentle giant had crashed on a street corner. He just laid there forlorn and barely budged when Loreta Frankonyte slowly and cautiously walked up to him.

Loreta approached him with a yummy smelling cheeseburger and he didn’t shy away. He allowed her to feed him small bites, but when she slipped the leash over his neck he panicked and backed up.

After he grew accustomed to the leash, he resumed eating out of Loreta’s hand. The Newfoundland had a friend, but it had taken off before the rescuers arrived, so Loreta and her helper picked up the remaining stray and gingerly placed the big ball of fur into the back seat.

They named him Everest and once back at their facility, they began working to save him and get him ready to be adopted some day. He first received a desperately needed warm shower.

Everest just sat there in the wash basin and allowed the soapy water to cascade down him. He was exhausted and quickly fell asleep on the bed next to Loreta.

It became readily apparent that Everest had once been someone’s pet. He interacted with both adults and kids, lying perfectly still while everyone gently caressed the poor pup.

Hope for Paws was stunned to receive the perfect adoption application for Everest shortly after he was ready for a furever home. Loreta and another volunteer hopped onto a plane with Everest and flew 2.5 hours from Los Angeles to Oregon. 

They all walked down the airplane’s ramp, Everest clearly excited for the adventure that lay ahead of him. They rented a car and drove through gorgeous scenery to meet his new family and learn what Everest’s new mission in life would be.

He met his new family, including two four-legged siblings named Bonnie and Clyde. He scampered through the snow and frolicked around as if he’d lived there all his life.

The snow caught this California city dog off guard. But he was absolutely fascinated by it!

Everest took to his family, seemingly knowing that this was his destination. But the excitement wasn’t done yet for this formerly desolate dog…

You don’t want to miss the perfect ending to this heartbreaking story.

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