We often don’t think about the people who work behind the scenes in our towns, cities, and communities. Without sanitation workers, street cleaners, construction workers, and other hard-working folks, our hometowns would quickly become dirty and fall into disrepair.

Sometimes, these important members of our communities turn out to be everyday heroes, as these two sanitation workers did when they discovered something in the back of their truck — just in the nick of time.

Andre Harvey and Scott Clemence are sanitation workers in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was a normal day at work and they were collecting the garbage receptacles in a back alley. It was a rainy day and they were outside working as they do in any weather on any other day.

Something moving

As they diligently performed their job they noticed something moving around in the back of the truck. It was jumping around, trying to free itself and escape. But, the sides were too high and the situation was dire.

Whatever was trapped was drowning and garbage and the rain was causing water to pool in the truck.

garbage man

The two men were used to seeing rats in the trash and in the back of the truck, but by the way that it moved, it was definitely larger than a rat.

Fortunately, they hadn’t yet compacted the trash, which would have killed the creature. But, tons of heavy trash had been dumped on top and it was wet and heavy — it was a miracle the animal had survived at all.’

trash truck

A heroic rescue

The two men refused to let the animal continue to suffer and turned off the power to the truck in preparation for a search.

They dug through the trash, determined to find whatever it was that was in such distress.

sanitation worker

After a lot of looking, they discovered a living, breathing creature that had been dumped in the trash. It’s hard to believe that anyone could do something so horrible, but it was a puppy that was fighting for its life in the back of that truck.

Watch the video below for what happened after the puppy was found:

The two heroes were able to save the puppy’s life before it was too late. Thank goodness they were paying attention!

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