Tenants can be a nightmare for  landlords . They are either respectful and pay their rent on time, or they are messy, rude and forget to pay what they owe.

French landlord Thomas Ravaux from Rozoy-sur-Serre in Aisne, France, had some very bad behaving tenants vacate his property after not paying rent for a full 14 months.

Ravaux’s tenants weren’t the cleanest of people and they left a horrible mess inside his rental unit, according to  The Sun . From empty boxes to an uncleaned litter box, the site was a dirty mess, and Ravaux was finally fed up.

The tenants had moved into a new home, and Ravaux came up with the perfect plan for revenge.

He loaded up all the tenants’ abandoned belongings into a dump truck and went out to make a delivery.

Ravaux showed up at his former tenants’ new home and dumped the truck’s contents right at their front door, leaving not one single thing behind.

The pile of junk was massive in size, and the truck kept dumping their belongings until it was completely empty.

Not only did Ravaux get the sweet  revenge  he was looking for against the filthy tenants, but he also walked away with plenty of satisfaction.

Ravaux was nice and let his former tenants have all their stuff back, but maybe not in the way they had intended on receiving it.

Ravaux posted photos of the mess on Facebook, showing how much garbage and filth they had left behind.

In the post, he said, “Shame on you. This is how this flat was returned to me. Living like that with three kids, bravo. Shame on you.”

He also added to the end of the post, “Good luck to your new landlord,” as he bid them a fond farewell.

Next Ravaux posted the video of the junk dump, to the delight a series of viewers on Facebook.

One thing is for certain, after this Facebook post, you don’t want to mess with a landlord with a dump truck and a quick mind for revenge.

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