In preparation for a possible disaster that might bring the world to an end, Morgan Rogue, 37, of Alaska, took her family off the grid and trained her kids to become self-sustainable in case of a total loss of power or a zombie apocalypse.

Rogue learned how dire her condition would be if her energy were turned off permanently after being unable to charge her phone during a power outage 11 years ago. Since then, she has been researching and planning for a life-changing disaster, New York Post reported.

Rogue said: “The biggest reason I began prepping was because the power went out one day. My phone was low on power, and I didn’t know what I would do if I needed to charge my phone—that sent me down a rabbit hole of ideas.”

“When I first started prepping, it was specifically for one or two types of disasters, but as I continued to prep and become involved in the community, I realized that if I’m prepared for one type of emergency, I’m prepared for it all.”

“The more I started prepping, the more extensive my preps became, and the more self-reliant I wanted to become. So many things are out of our control—natural disasters, car accidents, attacks, contaminated water and so on.”

“Look at 2020, and how unprepared people were for a pandemic—that should give anyone reason enough to have a few weeks of supplies just in case.”

As a result, she began to explore ways to be prepared, and she and her husband soon became involved in the prepping community, a network of people who exchange doomsday preparation tips.

Rogue began to include her children in the lifestyle as they grew older, encouraging them to pack their emergency supplies and helping with food preservation.

“I encourage my children to be whatever they want to be, but it’s my hope that I will instill self-reliance, self-defense, confidence, and preparedness, so they’re ready for whatever life throws at them.”

The family is growing food, maintaining farm animals, and digging a well in the Alaskan wilderness, with enough canned goods to last six months. Their remote home is powered by a combination of generators and solar power; in the near future, they also plan to add wind power.

“We run on solar power, generators, and soon, wind power. We will soon have a well with a pump that will run on solar power, as well as a hand pump,” said Rogue.

“We have chickens already and are planning to acquire more animals and grow a larger garden, build a root cellar, and build a greenhouse.”

“I’m constantly working to learn new skills so that I’m less reliant on others. For example, I hate buying bread, so I make my own and I realized I needed to grow the grain, grind the grain and harvest wild yeast in order to make it.”

Furthermore, the family has improved their hunting skills and learned to provide their meat in a disaster situation.

“You can be prepared and still live a normal and happy life. Preparedness is part of your life—it doesn’t become your life.”

“Every single person can be prepared, regardless of where you live or how much money you have. It’s never too late—conquer tomorrow by preparing today.”

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