In a world where children are going hungry, one Indiana farmer is seeking to make a difference…even if he has to give up everything to do so.

Jonathan Lawler considered himself to be an average man who ran a farm in Indiana. While he’s never thought of himself as rich, what he makes off of his farm has been more than enough to provide for himself and his family. In the past, the Lawler farm has produced and sold around 700,000 pounds of food each year.

Having lived a life where a lack of food wasn’t a concern, Jonathan was stunned when his son came home from school and talked about other students who weren’t getting enough to eat.

Jon explained:

“My son came home from school this last fall and talked about a friend who had to take food from the food pantry.”

The food pantry had to provide for these kids, giving them the food they needed so that they wouldn’t be hungry.

Jonathan was blown away at the thought that children that went to school with his own son were battling hunger.

Jonathan points toward the endless farms in their area and tried to understand how they could produce enough food to sell and yet not provide for the community kids whose bellies were empty each night. He also worried about the quality of food that these hungry kids did receive, concerned that they weren’t getting healthy meals when they did eat.

This was when Jonathan decided it was time to make a difference. He chose to revamp his entire farm and, rather than continue to sell his produce, he started looking for ways to give it away to those who were in need. His farm now provides food banks, soup kitchens, and individuals with the high-quality food they need to thrive.

While Jonathan’s farm is now non-profit, he is proud of the way that he is helping others.

Jonathan’s dream doesn’t end here. He hopes to have 500 acres of working farmland in the next five years, providing him the chance to give meals to even more needy people.

Jonathan Lawler is certainly a man who is passionate about helping out the community and providing for those less fortunate. Do you know anyone like Jonathan? Comment below and invite your friends to learn about Jonathan as well by showing them this video!


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