A farmer from Croatia became tired of drivers parking on his farmland, despite multiple pleas to find somewhere else to park. The farmers ultimately decided to take matters into his own hands, with hilarious results – revenge can be sweet.

Time and time again, farmer Pavao Bedekovic from Croatia told visitors of a local Sunday flea market not to park their cars on his land. However, to avoid having to pay for parking, they continued to return with their cars and park on the man’s land. One day the farmer had enough and plotted a harmless act of revenge.

Pavao attached a plow to his tractor and began plowing the field around where the cars were parked, making it extremely difficult for the cars to leave. As one can imagine, the drivers were not happy at all about his prank and decided to call the police. Although the police arrived, they quickly realized the car drivers were in the wrong as ultimately they were the ones trespassing the farmers land.

Video footage of the situation was recorded and uploaded to Youtube. A small silver car struggles to break free from the loose mud below its tires. Paveo stands relaxed on the sidelines, watching bemusedly as the couple in the car can’t seem to drive their car off his land.

Many people in the comment section defend the farmer’s actions. One user remarks on the title of the video, which is, “Cars Get Owned By Grumpy Farmer.” He writes, “No, not a ‘grumpy farmer’ – a private citizen and landowner who was sick and tired of having people park their cars on his property without permission.” With whoever’s side you might agree with, one thing is for certain. Next Sunday, visitors will be sure to avoid Pavao’s land!

See the video below:

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