This puppy was special.

Usually when homes are burgled, expensive items such as money or jewelry would be stolen. You would not have thought that burglars will steal a family dog!

In the Croyden Hills area of Victoria, Australia, the Hood-Sardi family’s house had been burgled. As the family had been away due to a doctor’s appointment, the house was empty at that time. When the family got back home, they found out that a laptop, an iPad and some jewelry had been stolen. However, their beloved puppy named Sasha was also missing!

Sasha was a golden labrador puppy that belonged to the family’s 4 year-old daughter named Maia. Sasha had been adopted by the family only a week ago and became best friends with Maia. Maia was distraught when Sasha was missing and missed her dearly.

Thankfully, Sasha had been micro-chipped by her veterinarians and thus, she could be tracked down. A dog’s microchip can be scanned and will show the dog’s name and home address in detail.

News about Sasha’s dog-napping soon spread around the community and eventually reached a local news source. Sasha’s dog-napping story was then reported by the news source, who mentioned Sasha’s microchip number and warned the burglars responsible to return her back to her family or risk getting tracked down via the puppy’s implanted microchip.

In addition, the Victoria Police also mentioned on their social media account that Sasha was micro-chipped. It is unknown if the burglars felt any shame about dog-napping a 4 year-old girl’s puppy or feared that they will be tracked down via the puppy’s microchip.

Even though the family did not have high hopes of Sasha being returned to them, they were surprised to find a small figure moving near the puppy’s kennel one morning. After opening the sliding door, it was none other than Sasha!

The family was delighted to see Sasha safe and sound. But of course, the one person who felt the happiest was definitely Maia herself, you can tell by her expression! The family assumed that the burglars either felt guilty or scared due to the fact that Sasha’s microchip was traceable.

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