Labour can excruciating but while humans have a lot of help through the process, animals give birth on their own in the wild.

Pet owners who have got to watch their pets during labour would tell you that there is really not much to do except be there for them as they do what they do.

In this video, a cat is in the process of birthing her kittens. She has an unusual helper, an adorable dog.

The dog is there for the whole process. He is there for her, whether or not she wants him to be.

Not only that, the dog licks each of the kittens as the cat birthed them as if welcoming them into the world or letting them know he cares.

The dog is very gentle and loving. It is quite interesting that the cat did not object to the dog touching and caring for her kittens. Obviously, they have a really special bond and we just know the dog will be there to help raise the kitties. Take a look at the heartwarming video below.

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