Earth might be small, only 8 thousand miles in diameter in the great vastness of the universe, but there is so much that is always happening around us. It’s hard to take note, especially in a city or on your lunch break at work. But if you’re able to slow right down and be amongst living breathing nature, there is so much to see. It takes opening up your eyes and ears and having some patience. And through these channels, opportunities to gain wisdom become visible.

This is an exceptional story of a man who encountered a baby deer left behind by her family and took her in as his own. And not only did he help nurse her back to health, but it was also his furry family members who took a keen liking to her and gave the gentle fawn lots of love and unwavering support.

Darius is an avid outdoorsman who lives on a large property smack dab in the middle of the wilderness (watching this video shows just how dense and thriving the surrounding nature is). He was outside when he noticed a small family of deer making their way through. He especially saw one of the fawns who was lagging behind, appearing to be injured and weak. The man kept his eye on her as mom and her siblings sped off into the neighboring field. It looked like her leg was broken because she couldn’t put her entire weight on it.

Concern immediately set in as the fawn crumbled to the ground. Darius knows what predators lurk and shows footage of savage bears and prowling wolves – her chances of survival are pretty much zero.

So Darius swooped in to bring her home to his place to join the family. He’s got two big dogs and a few cats, all of whom are very curious about their new resident. The cats are sniffing around, and the dogs want to get up close and personal.

The video goes on to showcase Darius’ tender love and care for the deer. He makes her a splint out of an oatmeal box for her leg and bottle feeds her every four hours. As heartwarming as his kindness is, it’s the dog who steps in as a foster dad that will melt your heart as it did mine! Mack looked out for her.


He took on the role of dad, always serving as her protector and continuously keeping her clean! He liked to play with her and always kept her in view when they were outside.


It’s so mind-blowing to see the love and care that exists between different species when a baby needs nurturing, it’s instinctual on a primal level throughout all animals and humans. The video is a lovely documentation of her entire ordeal from when she was found to her slow release back into the wild.

Darius’ patience and attention is so kind. He takes his time with the little deer, making sure she gets back on her feet without a hitch. What a beautiful act of kindness from every soul in this story! There’s a very happy ending, too.

Click below to watch Darius’ full story.