What looked like any other day turned into one of the most memorable in the life of the retired West Virginia Officer James Butler.

He was taking a walk at the nearby park when he heard some strange sounds that resembled rustling coming from the dumpster. He couldn’t help but wonder whether there could be an animal inside.

He got really curios and wouldn’t just pass by it without taking a quick peek.

This ex-officer is a really brave man. But now, he was a bit hesitant about opening the lid, because if there really was an animal trapped inside, he knew it could react impulsively trying to get out and that could be a dangerous situation.

However, he took the risk and took a look at what was inside the big dumpster.

What he stumbled upon left him speechless. There was not one, not two, but five raccoons there. But they weren’t just raccoons. There was something really special about them. They were all white.

Seeing an albino creature of this kind is quite rare. But five, even rarer.

James took each of them out using a wooden plank he found nearby.

Believing they might need additional help, he contacted the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife.

And just how rare were they?  Only 1 in 750,000 raccoons  inherit the albino gene! This was quite the find.

Butler was thrilled to see such a rare species but Coonskin Park – where he found the rare ‘coons – wasn’t quite as thrilled.

You see, the park has known about these rare little guys for a while, and they kept it a secret.


If more people understand about them they’ll just get curious and everyone would like to see them, and pet them, and feed them. Which isn’t a good idea.

And as Kanawha Park Police Department chief Rodney Jones said:

We try to tell people with animals to keep their distance and don’t try to feed them.

I’d really hate to see an animal like that be destroyed because of someone’s curiosity or stupidity.

They even fear that some may even try to steal them and keep them as a pet.

Every visitor should be aware that although these stunning creatures are fun to be looked at, they can also be quite dangerous. So it’s fine to admire them, as long as it’s done from afar.

James was told all this and as the good citizen he is, he only took a few photos and that was it.

However, that was a day to remember.

What do you think of the raccoons, aren’t they just adorable?

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