Riddles are great, aren’t they? We all have childhood memories of hearing and sharing all kinds of riddles and then having a smile on our faces when we either figure it out or someone tells us the answer. Today’s riddle is quite entertaining as well. Can you give it a try?

Yup! A simple question, right? What always falls without getting injured or broken? Now that’s a real headscratcher.

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While you work on this puzzling question, perhaps you may want to consider why riddles are so popular. For some, the fact that they get to stretch themselves mentally is an upside to solving riddles. In many cases, you have to spend a lot of time thinking and looking at the same things from different perspectives to find the solution.

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Sometimes, these types of puzzles are all about how you interpret the questions before delving into finding the correct response. So before you take your mind on a journey of breaking down a riddle, you have to know exactly what it entails in the first place. Is the answer right there in the question? Or do you have to look for certain hidden clues and read between the lines?

Then there’s also the fact that riddles are simply entertaining. Often times, when you figure it out, it becomes humorous. The answer itself could be so hilariously obvious that you cannot help but laugh out loud.

Really, can you think of one downside to solving riddles?

How are you doing with the one we have for you above? Do you have your answer already? Great! Now check below to see if you have it correctly.

Get it? Rain falls but it doesn’t get injured, broken or anything. We hope this puts a smile on your face. If so, then don’t be stingy. Spread the joy around by sharing this post.

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