Growing up can be difficult, especially if you look or act differently from the people around you. Unfortunately for 15-year-old Victor, that was the predicament he was in.

Bullies were constantly in his life tormenting him day in and day out. For a teenager, that can prove to be especially difficult. But after one particularly awful encounter with a bully at school, Victor decided he’d finally had enough. 

Victor is visually impaired, making it tough for him to him to see, while also being made fun of for the glasses he uses. On this particular day a class bully took the taunting a step too far, pouring hot glue on Victors arm. Teachers got involved and quickly called 911, fearing this was the last straw for Victor. They were right. Because when two Denver police officers arrived they learned that Victor wanted to end his life. Officers Monique Sedbury and Alicia Martinez were the first to arrive on the scene. After a quick talk with Victor they realized they needed to rush him to the hospital for psychiatric treatment. It was at that moment that they made a vow to never abandon this young teen crying out for help.

This was one of the toughest calls the officers had ever encountered. Victor was in a fragile state of mind and he’d really gotten to their heart. So the officers stepped in to make sure Victor had good friends around him. They became his support system and anytime Victor needed someone to talk to, the officers always answered his calls. Now Victor is at a new school and he has managed to make new friends. He is also enrolled in karate class where his fellow officer friends support him. Bless these two officers for going beyond answering a call of duty for a young boy in need.