It’s never too late to go out of your way and make someone else’s day. You can be a stranger to someone but still lend a helping hand to ensure that they’re comfortable in their time of need. This motto is what 15-year-old Clara Daly followed in the story that we’re sharing below.

Clara was flying from Massachusetts to Portland when she heard a flight attendant come on the intercom and ask if any passenger knew how to speak sign language. Clara knew that this was a call for someone like her, and she instantly pressed the call button so the crew will see that she can help.

At this moment, the flight attendant who was helping another man came up to Clara and told her that there’s a passenger on the flight who is deaf and blind. They think he needs assistance but isn’t able to understand what they can do to help. Clara jumped into action as soon as she got the full story.

She started off by getting to know the man’s name. He goes by Tim. She then continued to speak to him in sign language and determined that he was asking the attendants for some water, and also wanted to know how much longer it would be until they landed. This gesture may be something small, but I’m sure it meant the world to Tim to be able to get the help and answers he needed on the flight.

Clara herself is dyslexic and has trouble with the English language. She learned sign language a year ago so she can easily communicate without having to read or write.

I commend the crew members for reaching out for help and taking that extra step to ensure that the passenger was comfortable and getting everything that he needed. But, I’d like to also applaud Clara for stepping in when she did. Watching the heartwarming footage of her helping Tim really helps reinvigorate faith in humankind. There is good in the world. I’m so glad that her mother caught this moment on camera, and then shared it with the world.

But, the interaction went further than this. After Tim was served with water, she noticed that he kept asking questions and just wanted to talk. So, for the last hour of the flight, Clara sat with Tim and kept him company. We’re sure that Tim couldn’t have been more thankful, and her mom more proud.

Click below to watch Clara give details of the account!