This story is just another proof that dogs are a man’s best friend.

One morning, while 28-year-old Abby was casually resting in her living room, she heard her dog barking and acting all strange. She found this behavior quite odd because 5-year-old Bruce was otherwise a quiet and a calm dog.

Abby tried to get him off the door, but the dog wouldn’t quit scratching and barking.

Bruce sat at the front door whining and sniffing, which I thought was weird and annoying, as he usually goes out back ,” she wrote on Instagram.

At first, Abby didn’t really get concerned, but as her pit bull wouldn’t stop acting in a strange manner, she figured out something was wrong.

He was scratching at the windows, and I was like ‘Bruce, stop, we rent this place.”

Abby decided to let Bruce out and see why he wanted to get out of the house so bad.

As soon as the door opened, the dog headed towards the pond near the place.

Abby decided to follow Bruce and see what disturbed him so much. To her surprise, she saw him barking and trying to tell her that there was a person in the pond, standing knee-deep, half naked.

After she approached closer, she figured out it was an elderly woman who was obviously confused and didn’t know how she ended there all by herself.

She was standing two or three feet down, up to her knees in the water,” said Abby.

Abby knew she had to act fast so she ran back home, called the police, and grabbed a warm blanket. When she got back to the woman, she wrapped her in the blanket and assured her that everything was going to be just fine.

The police and the ambulance arrived in a matter of minutes and took care of the poor woman. She was lost and scared, but the authorities managed to track down her family.

Everyone thanked Abby for helping the woman, but she knew that she would never discover her if it wasn’t for Bruce. He was the real hero!

God knows what would have happened to the elderly lady if it wasn’t for the dog who was determined to help and did everything he could to alarm his owner of the situation.

We are glad everything turned out great, and we hope this story will reach to everyone out there who considers pit bulls to be aggressive. They are one of the best animals to be around, loyal, and always ready to help.

As for Abby, she is proud of her furry friend.

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