Losing a child is the hardest thing any parent can endure. One moment, they’re smiling, laughing and playing by your side – the next, you’re saying your final goodbyes. Sadly, Olympian Bode Miller and his wife Morgan are familiar with that child-sized hole in a parent’s heart.

They lost their baby girl, Emmy, after she fell into their neighbor’s pool at just 19 months old. They were crushed by her passing and didn’t know if they could ever move on. Life didn’t seem like it was worth living anymore.

But just as they were about to let the pain envelop them forever, Emmy’s angel made a visit in the sweetest of ways…

Before Emmy passed away, Bode and Morgan found out they were expecting a little boy. But after they lost her, the thought of another child coming into their family was excruciatingly painful. They had no idea Emmy was looking over her baby brother the whole time.

It wasn’t until the first ultrasound following Emmy’s passing that the Millers realized how much their daughter cared for their unborn baby – and evidence of this connection was caught on camera. Morgan and Bode were blown away by the image and what it represented.

Morgan took to Instagram to share a snapshot of the ultrasound, sharing her thoughts on the small face nudged up next to her unborn son’s.

She said:

“When we walked out of the hospital without our Emmy, despair and uncertainty surrounded us. The parting words from the medical staff, in those early hours after we lost our baby Emmy, was to check on the baby in my tummy.

So, 5 days after losing her, I reluctantly had the ultrasound tech come to check on the baby growing in my belly. To step into my future without my daughter felt like a dagger to my heart. How can life change so quickly? During the last ultrasound, my baby Emmy lay in my arms wondering what she was looking at on the screen. And, now, she was gone….”

“This time, I asked the tech to be quick. She asked if I wanted a 3D image to which I replied, ‘no.’ She swiftly maneuvered the wand around my stomach, checking on all parts. As she viewed the baby’s profile, she told me, ‘I know you don’t want a 3D image but this is a perfect angle and I feel like I need to do one. I will be quick.’

As the screen switched over to 3D imaging, I saw my sweet baby’s face. He looked so much like my other babies: just like Bode with that sweet nose and those full lips. But as quickly as I saw this new baby, my eyes moved to the angel lying to the right of his face, holding him, arms around his neck. Almost as if to say, ‘It’s okay. I’m here. It’s going to be okay. I love you.’

I hold onto this picture as a clear sign that my son knows his sister. That my baby girl Emmy is still with us.

And now that our sweet baby boy is here Earth-side, he now holds her.”
While nothing will ever bring Emmy back or fill that hole in their hearts, Morgan and Bode can rest a little easier knowing she looking over them all from Heaven.

Learn more about this incredible ultrasound image in the video below. We know she’s their son’s guardian angel!

Source: web10

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