By Jennifer Payne

It takes extraordinary strength and selflessness to put your family before yourself and take care of a child at a very young age. Yet, a 28-year-old did just that, and in the process, won many hearts.

Who is he?

Marcio Donaldson was an American Idol contestant who had auditioned and made it to the Hollywood round. Unfortunately, he could not make it any further and had to go home. However, though he had not won American Idol, he had definitely won a lot of hearts because of his selfless and highly emotional story.

What had happened?

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Marcio had been placed in foster care at a young age along with his sister, and had known first-hand the difficulties of growing up under foster care. His sister eventually became pregnant. However, she could not keep her baby because of problems with drugs.

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The police and a social worker took the baby to Marcio and asked if he could keep it. Otherwise, the baby would go to the foster care system. Not wanting his nephew to go through the problems he had gone through in the foster care system, he decided to take him in.

Marcio has now gone to audition for American Idol a second time. He is singing for both himself and his nephew. He has stated that he wants to give his nephew a better life and would be working for it. After the audition, Marcio and his nephew went home with a beautiful golden ticket and hopes for the future.


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