Britney Logan always loved the idea of adding a dog to her small family, but as a single mom with a newborn daughter, it just didn’t seem like the right time. After all, you never know how a pup might behave around an infant like that, not to mention all the additional work that pet ownership involves. Anyone who has ever had a child knows that taking care of them is a 24/7 affair and free time is no longer a given, but instead a rare luxury.

However, when her daughter Laurel turned three, she decided it was finally time to take on the challenge.

Logan elaborated on the situation in a story with The Dodo:

“I’m a single mom and wasn’t sure I could juggle an infant and a puppy,” Logan told reporters. “Now that she’s more independent, I thought it was time!”

Logan adopted a German Shepherd named Wren, and it turns out, it would end up being one of the best decisions she ever made.

At first, she was worried about how Wren and Laurel would get along and rightfully so. The only real experience her daughter had had with dogs in the past was when they were visiting members of their extended family, and even then it was only for brief periods. Having a dog around all the time is totally different and she didn’t know how Laurel would adjust to the situation. She quickly realized, however, that her fears were misplaced.

Laurel and Wren instantly became best friends. In fact, Laurel was basically obsessed with the animal.

“Any time we leave the house, she tells every stranger about her ‘really soft, really cool puppy Wren,’” Logan said. “They do everything together!”

Although, it wasn’t until a touching moment that occurred one night at bedtime that Logan realized how well the two were really bonding.

“I was up working late on my laptop before bed and heard Laurel whispering,” Logan said.

“I looked up and she had taken a bone to give to [Wren] and was covering her up with a towel for a blanket, whispering, ‘It’s OK, you can go to sleep, shhh, I’m right here,’ and Wren was just eating it up!”

Laurel now had a daughter of her own to take care of!

In a heartwarming video captured by Logan, Laurel is seen tucking Wren into bed just like Mom always used to do for her.

It has since become a regular thing.

Laurel with her kind heart is always looking out for the pup, making sure she is nice and relaxed and has everything she needs in order to sleep comfortably.

“Sometimes she will put a pillow under her head and Wren is just so patient and gladly plays along,” Logan said.

Not every dog makes a good companion for toddlers, but Wren is definitely one of the friendly ones.

Logan is very happy that everything worked out so perfectly.

“She is so sweet and so smart, and just the easiest puppy ever,” Logan said. “Several people who have met her told me I should look into training her to be an emotional support dog because she’s so calm and gentle and just so loving.”

“I can’t wait to see them grow up together,” Logan added.

While Wren is amazing, we’ll also add that both Laurel and Wren are very lucky to have such a great mom.

Watch the full video here.

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