Ford lovers and antique vehicle owners will agree that this Ford pick up is not only unique but also exceptional. This barn-find truck was finally auctioned for US $16k on Oct. 2, 2021.

This 1937 Ford V-8 truck is about as original as you can get. Even more amazing, the Ford has remained with the same Kansas family all this time.

The family bought this 84-year-old vehicle in July 1937, the same month and year Genie, the current owner—daughter of the family—was born.

The family grew wheat in Kansas and needed a truck to transport it to the town market. In those days, buying a truck for the farm was a significant financial investment, Motor Trend reported.

“Dad was pretty proud of this pickup because he farmed with horses and trailers all before that time and this was pretty special to him,” Genie told Chad Ehrlich of F&E Collector Auto Auctions.

After working in the fields for two decades, it was parked in a garage in 1957, after Genie’s mother replaced the hard-to-find tires during WWII rationing.

“My mom even had a hard time getting a tire for it,” she added. “My mom didn’t lose her temper very much, but she sure did that time.”

The old pickup, on the other hand, is remarkable for how well it has been preserved. The vehicle was parked indoors in 1957, and it hasn’t seen the light of day in 64 years, except from a few storage moves.

The Ford is still powered by an 85-horsepower V-8, but it was remanufactured at some time. What is more, it has original paint, almost no rust, and has the original documentation.The 84-year-old original title was not a really good legal document, but it’s interesting to see that, at that time, it was titled using the engine number, worth to be seen in a museum.

Although it had never—ever—been available for sale, Chad considered it special enough for an auction. Finally, it was offered on Oct. 2, 2021 at the Great Bend Expo that took place in Kansas and sold for US $16k as published by F&E Collector Auto Auctions.

“No, it’s not perfect, because it’s original, and you don’t find original very often,” Chad said.

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