Daylan McLee tried to avoid all police officers at all costs. Every time he ran into them, he was afraid of getting into trouble and ending himself in jail.

Daylan had been imprisoned for a year after being wrongly accused for pointing a gun at a police officer. He also had numerous traffic violations.

One day, his house began to shake after a loud boom. For a brief moment, Daylan assumed it was a little earthquake. Then, a cousin ran into his apartment in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, 45 miles south of Pittsburgh, screaming that a police vehicle had crashed outside the building.

“I don’t know what came across me, but I ripped the door open and just pulled him to safety across the street,” Daylan said after a car accident at Uniontown, Pennsylvania nearly turned fatal for a police officer, according to Spotlight.

The fire broke out in the cabin as Daylan went outside and grabbed an officer from the charred wreckage of his police car. Police and others have hailed Daylan for saving the officer’s life following the car accident.

This man’s deed is a shining example of human goodness; Daylan had no choice but to help would be an understatement; he had every reason not to.

According to the saying, “forgive and forget.” This is a lot easier said than done. People are more likely to openly express their feelings like way if they haven’t been severely harmed or if life has been kind to them.

But after this incident, he has found a way of healing, he’s put the past behind him.

Breathtaking sequence of events

In this terrible accident, the vehicle involved was a police patrol car.

When Daylan arrived at the scene, he looked at the car’s smashed-up hood, the gas leaking and the flames spreading… he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Another officer arrived to assist, but he couldn’t. Daylan was the only one who managed to free the cop trapped inside.

He rushed to grab the cop away, the vehicle could explode at any moment.

Daylan couldn’t recall how he managed to accomplish it, and he couldn’t figure out how. It was the adrenaline, maybe? Well, then, he was delighted he decided to do so. By letting go of the past, Daylan saved an officer’s life.

There was a lot that Officer Hanley couldn’t recall either. The only thing he can remember is that someone ripped the door open and dragged him out.

Officer Hanley was grateful to meet up and give Daylan a hug. Hanley’s wife was appreciative of the man’s efforts to save her husband.

Daylan said he still believes in the existence of good and honest officers, despite what he has been through.

He thinks that people should appreciate one another in spite of their job, race or religion. He said, “I want people to start to look at everybody as Americans and not, ‘He’s White, he’s Black, he’s Asian.’ 

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