Chastity Patterson, 23, of Newport, Arkansas, lost her dad four years ago. She had been keeping his memory alive by texting his number every day with life updates, hoping he was listening.

On Thursday, Oct. 25, the day before the fourth anniversary of her dad’s death, Patterson recounted the events of the last year, including her beating cancer, graduating college, and having a falling out with her friends.

This year, Patterson got a reply.

“Hi sweetheart,” the message reads. “I am not your father, but I have been getting all your messages for the past 4 years.”

The man introduced himself as Brad and told Chastity that he lost his daughter in a car wreck in August 2014.

Brad told Patterson that her messages “have kept [him] alive.”

Brad said he had not reached out before because he did not want to break her heart.

He then ended the message by saying he wished his daughter would have become the woman Patterson is, and that he is very proud of her.

Patterson posted the conversation to her Facebook, her caption saying she can now let her dad rest.

The post has gone viral with more than 110,000 likes, over 15,000 comments, as well as nearly 230,000 shares.