A Pennsylvania woman witnessed a different side of the police when a cop pulled over to help after seeing she was struggling to mow her grass in the heat.

When Sharon Markle of West York was mowing her yard, a cop rushed up to her. She was immediately terrified.

Officer Bree Wilson had been keeping an eye on Markle as she mowed her yard. She realized the woman required assistance after observing her.

“Her face was flushed,” she said of Markle according to SBLY Spotlight. “She was sweating profusely.” 

The woman, however, was taken aback and appeared to be frightened when Wilson rushed to help her without hesitation.

Officer Wilson recalled the situation, “I was like, ‘Here, let me have it’. I said, ‘Have a seat, I’ll take over’ and she just kind of looked at me like, frozen, ‘Wait, what?'”

Markle was blown away by the officer’s kindness. She felt it was unusual for a cop like officer Wilson to mow someone else’s yard.

“I feel that cops are always getting the bad. You always see the bad side of things. It’s always the negativity and how they’re mistreating us. You know, it’s good to see”, shared Ryan Brunner, a neighbor who caught what happened on his camera. 

Brunner said that he had seen officer Wilson before. He has noticed her doing good deeds in the community.

“I know her personally. She actually, we’ve had basketball games against our West York PD and our barbershop. So that’s something that we know her from and then she always stops by the shop, lets us know, you know, how things are going around the area”, he said.

Finally, Markle asked Wilson a tough question shortly after she finished mowing the grass, “What do I owe you?”

“You owe me a smile. That’s what you can do for me”, Wilson answered.

Few people know that Wilson had a difficult childhood. Her mother abandoned her when she was just three years old.

She joined the West York Borough Police Department in 2008 after becoming a police officer in 2000.

“I was an abandoned and abused kid,” Wilson said according to Our York Media. “All those negative traumas in my life made me a better officer.”

Wilson said that the situations she has experienced follow her everywhere she goes. “I don’t wear a badge to be a superhero. But if things are not right, I will not sit idly by”, she added.

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