He’s not only one of the top country singers in the United States, but he’s also a man with a heart of gold. Willie Nelson proved his compassion by rescuing 70 horses from going to the slaughterhouse, so they can roam free on his farm.

According to KAST 12 News, the horses he rescued over several years are living on a 700-acre ranch located in Spicewood, 30 miles from Austin, Texas.

“My horses are probably the luckiest horses in the world,” Nelson said. “They get hand-fed twice a day, and they were just ready to go to slaughter is probably the last thing they remembered, so they’re happy horses.”

Willie even wrote a letter to the Senate of the United States asking them to ban the slaughter of horses in America, according to Country Rebel.

The 86-year-old singer said he spends most of his time on the ranch when he’s not on the road traveling around playing music. Nelson calls it “Lucky Ranch” and said with a smile:

“When you’re here, you’re in luck, and when you’re not, you’re out of luck,” he said.

Willie’s love for horses did not stop there. He spoke and works with Habitat for Horses on how they can stop horses from going to slaughter, keeping horses who live in the wild safe, and how to prevent the abuse and neglect of horses. They also spoke about rehabilitation programs for the horses and how they can find ways to relocate the horses that have been abused.

In 2015, the singer featured with the members of the nonprofit Inc for a video titled “The Love of Horses,”  which won the People’s Silver Telly Award.

“None of this would have happened without supporters like Willie Nelson,” a member of Habitat for Horses gave praise to the singer. 

Approaching his 87th birthday, Willie still travels on the road about 200 days of the year. The top country singer confirms he won’t be retiring from music soon.

“I retire after every show,” Willie said. “I say, ‘That’s it, I’m not goin’ no more,’ but then we hang out awhile and people [the band] feel like playing, and so we go play again.”

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