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If the name Christopher Hopkins sounds familiar to you, there is a reason why.

In addition to being an accomplished singer and a celebrated author, he is also known as The Makeover Guy. In 1990, he opened up a salon under his name at the KSTP television studios in St. Paul. There, he appeared on the popular regional talk show, Good Company .

In downtown Minneapolis in 1994, he opened Christopher Hopkins Image Center and also appeared as a regular guest expert on the Oprah Winfrey Show .

Today, Christopher is still giving people makeovers under the name MAKEOVERGUY on YouTube. He has the ability to transform people completely, which sometimes leads to life-changing experiences for that person.

He recently posted one of these makeovers on his YouTube channel and it will undoubtedly warm your heart.

Source: Makeover Guy

The person he was giving a makeover was a woman by the name of Mamie. She was already a hair and makeup lover, but she faced a lot of frustration with the texture of her hair that began to change as she got a little bit older.

Starting out with a salt and pepper look, Christopher and his team decided to add some depth to the nape as well as add volume and bump up the front with a violet hue.

They took the beauty that she already had and simply enhanced it!

Source: Makeover Guy

“Do I look like the same person?” Mamie asked her husband, who responded with the cutest smile of all time and said “you look nice. Really nice. You look good.” It was probably the purest moment on YouTube. Ever.

“My name is Mamie and I drove in from Moorhead, Minnesota,” the woman introduced herself. “I would like something that I could change. I don’t want to be stuck with one look,” she shared before taking a step into her most transformational makeover ever.

Source: Makeover Guy

“I’m turning 60 next month and I thought I needed something…extra,” she continued.

And then in just a blink of an eye, boom! Mamie is completely transformed — and she looks incredible.

After her new haircut, she is glowing. Her face has completely changed and she is just smiling from ear to ear, completely beaming.

Source: Makeover Guy

“I feel like a new person,” she said, sounding both relieved and ecstatic.

She did not look bad pre-haircut, but Makeover Guy simply took what she already had and enhanced it. He kept her gray hair but cut off some length, smoothed out the texture, and actually leaned into the color. He simply brightened it up by adding a cooler hue and it totally works.

After the haircut, we see footage of her and her husband hugging it out. While he seems to be a pretty quiet guy, it is also evident that he is so in love with her and purely happy for Mamie!

Source: Makeover Guy

“I’ve seen her cry because her haircuts were so bad, and this is the best reaction… This is the reaction I was hoping for,” her husband shared. It was actually a Christmas gift from her husband!

Source: Makeover Guy

We think it is the best gift a person can give. It is not just a haircut, but it’s the gift of confidence! Now Mamie feels refreshed and can go off into the world feeling confident and brand new.

We’re so happy for Mamie and her new look!


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