At the end of May 2021, a video appeared on Youtube from the Canadian pro-life organization Choice42. The content aims to raise awareness of mankind in protecting the fetus, supporting mothers in an unwanted pregnancy situation, and providing post-abortion support resources for women.

The video begins with the realistic thoughts of some women when they have an unwanted pregnancy. They are scared and don’t know what to do.

“So you’re pregnant. You didn’t have this plan; you didn’t want it, and now you have a choice to make. Breathe…you can do this.”

The narrator continues the story by saying that there will be a lot of advice for you at this time. It may be what you want or vice versa. “They will tell you it is your best choice, they will tell you that it is your best bet, think about your future, they will say you are not old enough, not experienced enough, not financially stable enough, not educated enough.”

Some people may tell you to abort, and they may even pressure you not to refuse their advice, but remember that “you are the only one who can protect this baby.”

The video also says, “This baby is ready here in the world to live and grow inside of you … this baby is for you, you are the one chosen to be the baby’s mother, and you are responsible for it.” No matter what happens, a woman has to shoulder the responsibility of a mother.

The video affirms that as a woman, be strong because you have an exceptional ability, which is to create and nurture life. So protect children with your most vital ability when encountering any situation, and challenge in life. And the video also wants women who have an unwanted pregnancy to stay calm and understand that, whenever they need help, there will always be someone to help them and their baby in a timely and best way.

It is a meaningful, deeply humane video that encourages women to know that they are powerful and push through and give their children the gift of life.

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