Mike is a police officer. He is a tough cop who can also crack a joke, and he gives information to his ‘passengers’ on the way to the local jail, mimicking a pilot using his police devices.

He amusingly made announcements in his car like a professional pilot in video footage that has garnered over 3.4 million views.

Anybody having the “privilege” of traveling with him was flying coach directly to prison.  The man in the back was clearly perplexed. He almost seemed to be in tears. He didn’t seem to enjoy what he was hearing. Mike, however, did not stop, and the result was spectacular.

“This is your cop captain speaking. First on behalf of the police department I’d like to thank you for picking our jurisdiction for an arrest. We know you had your choice of cities. Visibility is clear today. In fact if you look out the left side, you’ll see your car being towed away. We’re set for an on-time arrival to the jail. You’ll be entering through cell number 4 where you’ll be served a mildly warm hot pocket. Until then sit back and enjoy the ride and contemplate your ridiculous life decisions,” Mike said.

It is amusing to those enjoying the clip, but it’s unlikely to be funny from the passenger seat.

It is just some pilot laughs on the job, according to the officer. However, it was not amusing to anyone who was about to serve time in prison.

Police officer Mike showed his best “pilot voice” once more.

“This is your cop captain speaking. Hope you’re settling in okay and enjoying a reduced amount of legroom compared to your normal modes of travel.”

Mike has done it several times before and has mastered the jargon. When speaking to people who have been arrested several times, he also used flight instructor talk, including “frequent flyer.”

“In reviewing your criminal history, I’d like to congratulate you as it does show us that you are what we call a frequent flyer. So welcome to the club.”

Mike went on to say, “Great news as those miles can be applied to your account today in exchange for Bibles, romance books or tasty snacks during your stay at the local jail. In addition to that, there are a few other perks that come along with your membership. For example, you’ve qualified for the right to enjoy staying silent on your ride. In fact, we encourage it as you’ve already irritated our staff enough.”

The expression on the backseat’s face tells us a lot. That is the expression of someone who did not wish to be there. Mike, much to his passenger’s amazement, retained his pilot character. 

“As always we know that you had your choice of cities to get arrested in, so we thank you for your business.”

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