The greatest relationships will often turn out to be the most unexpected, as shown in the animal kingdom. It happens much more often than one would expect for dogs to get along with cats or other species.

And wild animals, they even surprise us every now and then. A doe as seen in the video, takes a hands-on approach to parenting, taking care of her fawns during mealtime.

A short clip was uploaded to YouTube of a doe with her baby fawn eating.  As if that wasn’t cute enough, they’re greeted by an unexpected companion in the form of a chipmunk. As if they were a little family, the three of them are eating dinner together. The doe and fawn, with their big brown eyes and tails wagging, are very endearing.

It was quite the forest dinner feast, and the two deer managed to find a table with food on it—most likely left by the person who took the footage. This doe and her adorable fawn soon made their way to this tasty meal, obviously, something on the table was very appealing to them.

Minnesota outlawed the practice of leaving food for wild deer as it was too risky for the animals, which are vulnerable to food poisoning. The video was uploaded several years ago by Deer Trail.

In any case, we still have this incredible video to watch, which begins with the chipmunk smelling something nearby.

This chipmunk, which is a little distance away from the table, has a distinctive ability to smell food.

On the table, there’s a jar full of some nuts. The chipmunk didn’t seem too interested in the treat placed in front of him at first and instead tried a few of the other available treats.

The chipmunk attracts the does’ attention, and they’re curious about what’s for dinner.

These two sniffed around the table at first, checking on a certain tree, but then they wanted to see whether the chipmunk would let them sit at ‘his’ table.

Since chipmunks eat only nuts, it’s understandable that the chipmunk has claimed the space as his own. Furthermore, they hibernate in the winter, and finding a table full of these nuts is the ideal excuse to stack and maybe bring a few nuts to his bunks.

They don’t stay constantly warm during hibernation but get up occasionally to eat some of the food they’ve collected.

Deer and their fawns will happily eat berries, mushrooms, seeds, and weeds in addition to nuts of all sorts. While deer are less picky over their food, it is understandable why feeding them has been outlawed.

It’s a beautiful sight to see the chipmunk inviting the deer to feed with him.

As if they were a family, they’re sharing a meal! As a thank you, the doe makes sure to pay attention to the little animal as well. Mother nature is unquestionably unique and magnificent.

“Look at the chipmunk up in there without a care in the world. So cute,” someone said into the camera.