A wallet lost in the early 1970s was returned to its owner in Kansas, the Great Bend Police Department said earlier this week.

The wallet was found and turned into the police department by a member of the public, the department announced on Facebook.

There are several items inside the wallet, including a social security card and a driver’s license, but it expired in 1974.

“We tracked down the owner, who now lives in Lawrence, Ks. Turns out he lost the wallet in the early 70’s,” the department said.

“He was tickled and shared with us that he made the wallet himself,” they added.

The Great Bend Police Department also revealed that the owner might have dropped the wallet at the old Crest theater where it was found.

“It had apparently been there for years!,” they said.

Despite missing for more than 50 years, the wallet looks to be in pretty good shape.


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