A Queensland man was able to make a successful proposal during a shark-cage dive off the coast of Port Lincoln.

Thirteen years ago, Zach Wilson and his partner Tayla Rosin met at a Brunswick Heads campground on the northern coast of New South Wales.

The couple shares a passion for the ocean and great white sharks, which inspired Wilson to propose in the shark’s domain during a Calypso Star Charters tour of the Neptune Islands.

“It was the first time seeing a great white out in the ocean. We’ve both been to Sea World but they were very well-fed sharks; they chill around all day. Nothing like the size of the ones out in the ocean,” Wilson said.

“I spoke with the staff—secretly of course—and they helped me with it and gave me a handwritten sign to bring with me in the cage,” he recalled according to ABC News.

As a result, Rosin was happily astonished, “I came to see the great whites and came back engaged as well—so it’s really exciting.”

Andrew Wright, general manager of Calypso Star Charters, said being involved in a shark-cage engagement was not rare. There was even a shark-cage wedding, he shared.

“We organised a celebrant locally here, to make it legal and official we needed to have it rigged up so the bride, groom and celebrant were able to be in the cage together and talk to each other.”

Wilson said they have been fortunate with continuously shifting borders, in addition to the lucky shark sighting on the charter.

“We were just allowed to come into SA with no restrictions two days after they changed the rules. Now they’ve changed the rules again—we were lucky to get through that window.”

According to Calypso Star Charters’ website, the tourist attraction deals with sharks in their natural habitat, where the sharks can come and leave as they want.

Based in Port Lincoln, South Australia, the business is permitted to employ wild fish berley (bait scattered on the water) to attract great white sharks to their vessel.

Customers have an opportunity to see sharks and interact with them in a cage close to their vessel, resulting in an encounter with photographic opportunities.

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