In Indiana, two young men are being hailed as heroes for saving a stranger from a fire even though it endangered their lives.

Guy Tarlton, 56, of Marion, Indiana, was trapped in his house after it caught fire in Grant County neighborhood, Marion, Indiana. While preparing Father’s Day dinner, he fell asleep. Then, unfortunately, the oil ignited and spread swiftly through his home.

Tre Jones, 25, and Marcus Harvey, 24, were passing by at the time and decided to intervene.

When Tarlton was rescued, he was in critical condition, but he survived. He suffered burns to 30% of his upper body, Tarlton’s nephew said.

“I’m like ‘I smell some smoke. Somebody’s house is on fire,’” Jones recalled. “There’s people in the front yard, some of them recording.”

After they were told someone was trapped inside the flaming residence, Jones and Harvey heard a voice shouting for help from inside. So the two immediately got to action.

“They basically tell us there’s a guy inside the house. We didn’t know where he was at, just heard him screaming and everything”, Harvey said according to the Goalcast.

Jones kicked the door open, revealing flames, ash, and smoke, which blew out all around them. However, Jones discovered a place where he could crawl in, so they weren’t discouraged.

“I kicked the door open and boom, and then fire and smoke started coming out.  When I heard his voice screaming, I just felt like I knew I could get him out,” Jones recalled.

As fire department personnel rushed through the streets, the three men escaped from the conflagration. The victim was then transported to a hospital in Ft. Wayne.

The City of Marion recognized Jones and Harvey with plaques to celebrate their bravery and demonstrate the community’s gratitude for their gallant effort.

​“I am tru­ly inspired by the courage and com­pas­sion of these two young men who self­less­ly risked their own lives to save the life of another.” Mayor Jess Alumbaugh stated according to the Spotlight.

However, according to Jones and Harvey, they are just two individuals doing what everyone is supposed to do: care for others, specifically in times of need.

“I don’t say I’m a superhero,” Jones said. “But I’m human. I just help when I can help.”

Despite being unable to visit Tarlton owing to the pandemic restrictions, the two men maintain contact with his family. “I wish him the best recovery, and I’m praying for his friends and family,” said Harvey.

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