Campbell Remess, a 16-year-old teddy bear maker, has been manufacturing teddy bears since he was nine years old to confort children battling cancer and has also sold them to earn money for charity.

It all started when this Australian kid was 9 yeas old. He wanted to buy gifts for sick children in hospitals, but that would be not affordable for his parents. So, he came up with Project 365 and he has made a total 3100 bears since then.

He learnt how to make teddy bears on his own, and has dedicated his life to helping people, and even in self-imposed exile, that is his primary goal, as Spotlight reported.

Bears made using fur, materials, and Campbell’s sewing machine can be completed in an hour, although he confesses that when he first started, it took him roughly six hours.

During the Coronavirus lockdown, Campbell decided to go livestream to share his mission with other kids too, “I thought it’s a good idea to get kids involved in something over the lockdown and quarantine period.”

Campbell’s advise to other youngsters his age is to avoid focusing too much on the negative aspects of their lives. “Go outdoors and do something in your yard and just have fun,” he said, “we’re staying safe, that’s the essential thing,” he added.

Although he and his family have been placed in self-isolation due to the pandemic, Campbell continues to make bears. When he’s not taking his online lessons from school, this amazing kid has been teaching bear-making on Facebook livestream his sewing room.

Campbell adds, “Every bear that I make, I give it away and then I get the [positive] reaction back, so that’s what’s motivating me to still do it, I’m still making them because I love it.”

Sonya Whittaker, Campbell’s mother, is the camera helper for his livestreams. As a thank-you gift once the epidemic has ended, her son has planned on creating more bears.

Sonya claimed that her son “idea was sending them to all the emergency services that are looking after people when this is done, he might film himself for others to watch. It’s really lovely and it’s nice just to be back in the old world of ‘let’s just make a bear.”

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