Summer is almost here, which means beach days, pool parties, and just getting outside in the sun. Summer, unfortunately, brings out wasps. These days have their fair share of rainy days, but the weather has been hot and sunny until a few days ago. Adding to it is a winter of little snow and very dry spring, and you have the ideal recipe for wasp invasion.

Wasps sting like a son-of-a-gun and are usually are not welcomed to the picnic. Regrettably, they disagree.

Here is an easy way to keep wasps and carpenter bees at bay this season! You only need two items: a brown paper bag and two plastic bags.

Fill the paper bag with as many shopping bags as you like until it is full and “puffy” looking.

If your paper bag is finished, knot the top off and tie it up high. Wasps will skip this decoy because it seems like their opponent’s nest.

Do you want to know why this inexpensive and simple hack works?

If you have carpenter bees, place it near them, or where the most frequently are, you should get results, 10 June 2020 (Screenshot / Bob Thomas Facebook)

The paper bag resembles a hornet’s nest, which wasps and carpenter bees avoid unless they want their heads bitten off.

This simple hack not only keeps wasps at a distance but it’s also a nontoxic solution.

One that protects all, including humans, plants, and insects.

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