After a typical school day, three boys aged 12-14 while walking home, saw a man who was looking very depressed on the overpass in the UK. He was on the wrong side of the bridge with a rope around his neck. The trio rushed to the barrier and all tried to talk to him hoping to get  him to reconsider. However, to none avail, he still tried to jump. The three boys immediately grabbed his leg through the railing and wouldn’t let go. 

Joanne Stammers, 47, was walking by and saw what was happening, so she immediately called 911. Then she ran to them, put her arms through the barrier and round the man’s waist to pull him back. At that time, Stammers had a medical condition where she gets cuts and the blood clots all over her body very easily.

The man was sobbing and slowly passed out. He eventually gave to the boys his phone and warned them not to answer if the phone rang. 

Only until James Higlett, 39, arrived at the scene and helped the others to hold the man who was trying to jump till the police and fire service came to get him to safety.

This miraculous story gives us a great example of compassion. Not even thinking the man would listen to them, these three schoolboys still managed to save the man’s life. Along with the other kind people they gave the man a chance to come back to his family and to live better than before. The man kept in touch with them and even came to their houses to say thanks. 

All three heroic boys have been awarded Royal Humane Society Certificates of Commendation and received a voucher in gratitude from the man who they rescued. 

According to TheSun, Andrew Chapman, secretary of the Royal Humane Society added his personal praise, “There is no doubt that without the quick thinking and action of the three boys the man would have jumped and would have died.”

“They were the right people in the right place at the right time and showed tremendous presence of mind in acting as they did particularly bearing in mind their ages,” he said.

“Their parents, their schools, and everyone else should be incredibly proud of them.

“The two adults also played a major role in this harrowing incident and just like the boys, richly deserve the awards they are to receive.”

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