The image of mountain terrain with various patches of snow looks like any other typical image until you realize there’s a snow leopard hidden somewhere in the picture. The big cat is nearly impossible to spot in the mountain terrain because it is so well camouflaged.

The incredible image was originally captured high in the Himalayas in northeastern India by photographer Saurabh Desai and has now left netizens confused and intrigued, New York Post reported.

In 2019, Desai set out on a trip in the Spiti Valley to “search of the world’s most elusive cat which is also known as ‘Grey Ghost’ in the popular local language,” he told My Modern Met.

Then Desai finally saw the brown leopard after nearly three years on the search and was left “speechless” by the chance encounter.

He said: “The picture depicts the snow leopard trying to get off the cliff.”

“But observing our presence, it decided to wait until it got really dark and it stayed there on the edge.”

The recent picture was taken at a height of 17,000 feet and at a temperature of around -86 degrees Fahrenheit. Oxygen levels have also dropped to less than half compared to normal.

The photo baffled social media users Many of whom were also excited once they spotted the hidden leopard.

One user commented: “Honestly can’t see any leopard … damn nature, you scary.

And another wrote on Twitter: “After finding it … it becomes so apparent and easy to see.”

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