The original Gerber baby, Ann Turner Cook, just turned 93 years old on Wednesday, Nov. 20.

Cook was born on November 20, 1926. She was only four months old when a neighbor made a charcoal sketch of her chubby little face with the big eyes and the puckered kisser.

The neighbor had submitted the sketch to Gerber’s national search for a face to put on baby food advertisements in 1928. She was chosen and soon became the original Gerber baby. That sketch of Cook is now recognized all over the world.

According to Gerber’s website, Cook’s identity was successfully kept secret for 40 years, until 1978.

She is currently an American mystery novelist and retired English teacher in Tampa.

Last year, Cook met then-current appointed Gerber baby, a boy from Georgia with Down Syndrome named Lucas Warren. They were 90 years apart in age at the time.

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