This story is old but this little sip of compassion might add a little sweetness to your soul. 

Brooke Ochoa of Louise, Texas, was walking into a restaurant for lunch. On closing the door, she spotted an elderly lady approaching. The 30-year-old patiently waited and held the door for her. 

After that, Ochoa overheard the woman’s request for a table for one from the hostess. Realizing the lady was set to dine alone, Ochoa told her that she too was eating alone and asked, “Would you like to have lunch together?”

The elderly woman, Delores, quickly accepted Ochoa’s offer. She was just as happy as Ochoa to find a surprising buddy for lunch.

As they sat and chatted, Dolores revealed to Ochoa that she’d been having a tough time of things of late. Her mother, with whom she had lived, recently died and her aunt had moved into a nursing home.

“She just kept smiling and saying thank you for listening to me, which made me smile too! Her words healed my heart just as much as I healed her lonely one,” Ochoa said.

She said she and Delores had agreed to have lunch together every Thursday.

Not long after their first meeting, Brooke revealed that Dolores had died, making the fact that she was able to brighten her life all the more special.