A teenager in foster care found his forever home just in time for the holidays after a family adopted him 6 days before his 18th birthday, WFAA reported.

“I feel like I was born again,” said Eric.

The Franklin family adopted Eric on Tuesday, Nov. 26. after seeing his story on WFAA on Oct. 16. The 17-year-old was set to age out of the foster care system on Dec. 2.

Aaron and Eranisha Franklin saw the segment and came up with a game plan with the clock ticking.

“This young man is about to be 18 and he actually ages out of the foster care system soon. I saw his story and I told my wife, inquire about this kid,” Aaron said.

The couple scheduled a visit and hit it off.

“We loved him on day one,” said Aaron.

“Everything changed,” Eric told WFAA.

Aaron and Eranisha walked into the Tarrant County Family Law Center on Tuesday with their four adopted children, wearing matching shirts.

They read on the front, “Team Eric.” There was a number on the back of each shirt.

Eranisha said, “They all have different numbers based on when each person entered into the family.”

Number 7 was reserved for Eric. The family stood together in the courtroom as Judge Jerome Hennigan made the adoption official.

“It’s a heartwarming feeling and it’s a special feeling to be able to grant the adoption,” said Hennigan.

Eric was a welcome addition to the Franklin family just in time for the holidays.

Eranisha said, “It feels good to be able to provide him with a home and a family and just people to surround him and love him and give him something to be thankful for, for Thanksgiving.”


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