New York teenager girl with Down syndrome has an “absolutely wonderful” night at her high school’s homecoming dance—where she was voted homecoming queen by her peers.

The students at Grand Island High School nominated 18-year-old Mary Szumla, who has Down syndrome, to be on the homecoming court. When the votes were tallied, she received the most votes and was crowed.

Mary is a special education student but she doesn’t let that prevent her from achieving her goals.

“We have 235-240 students in the senior class and they all voted for Mary, which was incredible, ” teacher Melissa Kosmoski told WGRZ.

Sebastian Melendez, who was voted as homecoming king, said that he has known Szumla for three years and was elated about her new title.

“She just has like a happy spirit, she puts a smile on your face every time she talks to you, every time she tells you you’re fired during class, she just makes you happy when you’re around her,” Melendez said.

Jennifer Szumla, Mary’s mom, is incredibly proud of the Grand Island students for being “loving and caring.”