In our lives, sometimes we have some important moments, such as wedding, graduation… At that time, we usually feel emotional and need to share our joy, especially with loved ones.

Graduation is an important milestone in everyone’s life because it is the day we enter the adult world—a day of laughter, joy, happiness mixed with pride.

Normally, when we graduate, we look forward to having family and friends around us, especially our mom.

But it is a pity for the young man. He has just graduated; sadly, his mother is no longer alive to enjoy the happy and important moment of graduation with him.

Anyway, he wanted to celebrate with his mom.

He was very excited when informing this special news to his mother. The teenager looked quite polite when he went to visit his mother’s grave, he was dressed well, wearing trousers, a shirt, and a tie.

He brought her a lovely bouquet of yellow flowers because he wanted to give her something to commemorate this momentous event in his life.

He brought flowers to give his mother, even though she is no longer with him, and wanted to tell her: He had graduated.

The teen puts a bouquet on his mother’s grave. (Screenshot via TheBL/RM Video YouTube)


He couldn’t do anything more than give her flowers, accompanied with a kiss for her on the tombstone. He looked so touched and caring at that moment.

The boy places a kiss on his mother’s grave (Screenshot/RM Video YouTube)
A touching moment. (Screenshot/RM Video YouTube)



Viewers of the video have left heartfelt comments about the boy’s adorable actions.

“May God bless this man and let him live a long and happy life,” one commented.

“This young man is lovely, I bet your mother was cheering you from heaven buddy. You did great on, on your graduation,” another wrote.

“I am crying my eyes out what an adorable boy. And his mother would have been so so proud of him,” one other reader said.

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