With so many bullies in the world causing hurt and distress amongst their classmates, it’s easy to forget that there are also kids in the world who want nothing more than to lift others up and nourish their fellowman with kindness. Azzy Robinson recently experienced both.


Azzy was teased and bullied by classmates at his former school to the point that he didn’t even want to go to school. In fact, the 15-year-old began to show many of the classic signs of depression. His mom, Tracey, told the media that he’d actually wake up refusing to go and stay home sleeping the day away.

The teen boy even lost his passion and energy to do normal teenage activities, such as play video games.

Azzy’s mom was extremely worried about his well-being. She refused to send him to a school where all he’d gain is increasing degrees of torture from his peers. So, she decided to transfer Azzy to a new school, and it turned out to be a life-changing decision.

Despite being the new kid at LaVergne High School, Azzy was immediately embraced by his new classmates. He began to thrive as he made new friends. These friends knew about the bullying Azzy had endured at the hands of his previous classmates.

They decided to show Azzy that lifting another human up is far more powerful than verbal sticks and stones.

They decided to surprise him one day and presented a gift-wrapped box to him. You can see Azzy struggling to open the box in the video. He had no idea what he was in for. The other kids watch eagerly while he unwrapped his gift.

He then cried tears of pure joy as he discovered the new shoes and clothing his classmates had purchased for him. The physical gift was nice, but the volumes of intangible love, belonging, and respect the gift emotionally symbolized was nothing short of amazing.

A classmate can be heard on the video telling Azzy that the gift was for the generosity Azzy always demonstrated.

Even through the hurt inflicted upon him, Azzy has remained a humble and kind person. Tracey can now rest easy knowing that her son is both safe and treasured by his new school and classmates. As for his former schoolmates, their loss has clearly been this group’s gain.

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