A group of children and their parents from South Boston put together a wonderful gift for a UPS driver to thank him for his assistance during the pandemic.

To honor UPS driver Kevin Lounsbury, the youngsters in the community dressed up like UPS workers. Even several of the neighborhood pets joined in to express their gratitude to Lounsbury.

Then, dressed in their costumes, all of the children jumped out at him. “Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” he said. “That is so awesome.”

The tiny children thought the same, and they hopped and sprang all around him. “Holy cow!” said the driver.

“Throughout the past few months we’ve grown close to our UPS driver Kevin. Of course he brings us all our essentials, but he also brings so much joy and excitement to these little faces. He greets us every night with a beep and smile,” Lisa Kennedy described her local delivery driver Lounsbury.

“Tonight we wanted to show Kevin how much he means to us all. A true silver-lining in these crazy times,” she added, according to Hindustan Times.

“My 2-year-old daughter thinks that all UPS drivers are Kevin, so every time she sees a UPS car on the road she’ll start screaming ‘there’s Kevin, there’s Kevin,’” another parent Heather Cosgrove said according to the Shareably.

Lounsbury is well-known in the community. During the epidemic, he became extremely popular as local families began to rely on him for more than just their goods.

“Every single time he’d come down the street–the kids have been cooped up inside all day–he’d just give a little toot on the horn and it just brought excitement to all the kids’ days,” Kennedy recalled.

The neighborhood wanted to express its gratitude to Lounsbury. When he received the recognition he so richly deserves, everyone was overjoyed.

“He knows how much we love him but I think just making that extra effort really just touched him and made him realize how much of an impact he’s made on all the kids and all of us during all this time,” said Kennedy.

“Absolute highlight of my career,” the happy driver posted on his social network account.

“Kevin, you and your helpers look awesome. I am so happy for all, as it seems like you are having a good time with the kids. Sorry I didn’t see you on TV. Keep it up, the kids really like you,” said one online user.

“This is awesome!!! You should definitely send this to corporate—I bet they would love to see this!” shared another commenter.

“He’s such a great guy and part of the neighborhood! What a great tribute,” said another one.

“This. Is. Awesome!” another user wrote. “This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time! Love it!”.