Recently, the videos on the internet about the crowds outside Hongqiao Railway Station have created a lot of interest. 

Due to Shanghai’s epidemic policies, people have been stranded here for about two months.

Countless people try to go home quickly because of difficulties and feelings of helplessness while living in Shanghai during these months.

When Shanghai announced its plans to reopen the city in phases, many people used various means to leave the city. 

Shanghai’s people are willing to help strangers without asking anything on these challenging days.

Stories of many kind-hearted people were also begun to share widely.

In this story, a man surnamed Yu drives many people to the station without any fee.

One day, a man surnamed Wu left a message under a video that he had to walk 20 kilometers to Hongqiao.

After that, Wu was thrilled when receiving a private message from Yu that Yu could take him to the station for free at midnight.

Yu works as a deliveryman, and he can not return home after going out on April 27 by following the city’s epidemic policies.

To make ends meet, he has to run from early morning to 10 p.m.and eat instant noodles every day to save money.

Although also in a difficult situation, he still wants to help people as much as possible.

In the video, Yu said he needed to drive faster to pick up more people walking on the Humin Elevated Road (沪闵高架路) after sending Wu off. 

In the middle of the night, these countless people are dragging luggage and walking to the station.


Late one night, Yu had just finished delivering the last order and was about to rest when he noticed a girl by the side of the road pulling a suitcase.

When asked, the young lady stated that she was on her way to Hongqiao Station.

She is a cashier. When the store is closed, she has no job to pay the rent. Therefore, she can’t bear it anymore; she has to leave this place.

Yu also drove a girl walking more than ten kilometers away from the station.

After arriving, she cried when she realized that Yu would not take any money from her.

He said that for more than half a month, he has been running around non-stop, always thinking that he could help more people.

Netizens compiled a price guide where you could order a private car from a group, showing different prices. Enthusiastic car owners near Hongqiao prepared to help get people home at no cost. 

However, the way to go home is still challenging because public transport has not fully recovered and the taxi prices are too high for most.

And because of large amounts of luggage, they have to walk. But the closures and controls are everywhere, and the distance can turn from several kilometers to dozens of kilometers.

Many videos showed that countless tired strangers had walked for an extremely long time from day to night, and they could only sleep under the bridge or on the side of the road, waiting till the following day.

Some people said if they walked slowly, the nucleic acid would expire, and they could not enter the station even just one minute late.

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